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Benoni is one of the most prominent cities in the Gauteng Province of South Africa, and has formed a part of the Ekuhurleni Metropolitan Municipality since the reorganisation of local government in 2000.

The city is home to a diverse population, and is also a commercial and industrial hub of the region. While once focused on mining, the importance of this industry to the city has decreased steadily over the years, with the focus moving to production and service provision instead. The Benoni Heliport also provides a key transport hub for the area.

Benoni’s beginnings date back to 1881, when the area was largely considered ‘uitvalgrond’, or land that was not included in any currently claimed properties. Johan Rissik, the Surveyor-General of what was then the Transvaal Republic, had such difficulty in assigning titles and deeds to this land that he gave it the name of Benoni; taken from the biblical Book of Genesis. Translated from the Hebrew, Benoni means ‘son of my sorrow’, and was the name given to one of Rachel’s sons after a very difficult birth.

As with many settlements in the region, Benoni owes its existence in the most part to the discovery of gold in the region. From 1887 onwards, the area’s rich gold deposits drew scores of prospectors and settlers to the many farms and open lands that had been declared public diggings, and a significant number of mines and mining villages sprung up in due course. The influx of immigrants from not only South Africa at large, but much of the rest of the world as well, led to an increasingly diverse population whose legacy lives on in the area today.

The city of Benoni was planned and founded by George Farrar, a British industrialist who met with a great deal of success in the South African mining industry. In the spring of 1902, work began on laying out the town on the slopes of the valley where it is now situated, with streets named after many English locations (including that of Farrar’s home town of Bedford). The city became the site the Rand Revolt of 1922, in which a miners’ strike degenerate into open revolt and clashes with the military.


Benoni is located on the East Rand, on the slopes of the Blesbokspruit valley and alongside the Kleinfontein dam. The city is fairly close to Johannesburg, and is considered by many to be an outlying part of the greater city itself.


Benoni’s principal landmarks include its many lakes, the Lakeside Shopping Mall (built to resemble a steamboat on the side of one of the lakes), Willowmoore Park, a notable cricket stadium, and the City Hall, a striking art deco building.

Interesting Statistics

Benoni is home to approximately 158,777 people, at a population density of around nine hundred per square kilometer.

The majority of residents are Black African, with English being the most commonly spoken first language.

Benoni covers a total area of just over 175 square kilometers.

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