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Braamfontein is one of Johannesburg’s most prominent and central suburbs forming part of a major ‘cultural arc’ that includes other significant areas and institutions such as Newtown, the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits), Constitution Hill, and the Civic Center.

The area is largely given over to business space, as well as some residential areas (mostly in the form of apartment blocks) and entertainment hotspots. Braamfontein is known for its central location and is therefore an important logistical point for Johannesburg as a whole, as well as being at the heart of the city’s commercial district. The suburb’s Afrikaans name literally translates to ‘blackberry fountain’.

Like much of the greater Johannesburg region, the area in which Braamfontein is now situated was once given over largely to farmland. The name of the suburb goes as far back as its earliest origins in 1853, when a farm with this name, owned by Gert Bezuidenhout, was surveyed and subdivided by the government into various lots for homes and businesses. Due to the rapidly expanding population in the area brought about by the gold rush, this living space quickly filled up, and lots sold at increasingly hefty prices. This trend would establish Braamfontein as an affluent area from a very early stage, and formed the foundation for its current status within Johannesburg at large.

During the apartheid era, Braamfontein saw a substantial amount of large-scale commercial development, bringing a great deal of business to the area along with major improvements to the local infrastructure. After the change in government, however, the area came to be somewhat neglected and began to deteriorate. Fortunately, the Braamfontein Management District, a partnership between private businesses and the City of Johannesburg, instituted a program of urban renewal that halted this degeneration. This program met with great success, and was instrumental in reestablishing Braamfontein as a central point for commerce, education, entertainment, and the arts within the city – a reputation that the suburb retains today.


Braamfontein is located within the Johannesburg inner city, and is connected to the city center by the Nelson Mandela Bridge. Two other main thoroughfares, namely Jan Smuts Avenue and Empire Road, also connect the suburb to many other parts of the city, adding to its logistical importance.


A number of notable landmarks of different types can be found in Braamfontein. The offices of the Johannesburg City Council are located in the area, along with the campus of the University of the Witwatersrand. The Johannesburg Civic Theatre, which houses the Nelson Mandela theatre, is also situated in Braamfontein, along with the National School of the Arts. A few prominent art installations, such as a large statue of an Eland, can also be found throughout the area.

Interesting Statistics

Braamfontein is home to approximately 7007 people, at a population density of approximately 2100 per square kilometer.

Due to its central location in Johannesburg and in South Africa as a whole, a wide variety of ethnicities and languages can be found in the suburb.

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