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Claremont is an affluent suburb of Cape Town, South Africa, comprised of both residential and commercial areas that are among Cape Town’s most popular.

AS part of the Southern Suburbs, Claremont’s central location has contributed strongly to its development, and the suburb has seen a great deal of expansion and growth in recent years. Being situated relatively close to the University of Cape Town, it is also a major hub of nightlife and youth culture within the city.

The Claremont area, now fully urbanized and well populated, was once uncultivated veld, used mainly by the indigenous Khoisan people as grazing land for their cattle. Dutch colonists began to arrive in the area around the year 1652, bringing with them agriculture and development of the region. Following the construction of an outpost on the shores of Table Bay, a few farms were subsequently established to the south. One of these early farms, known as Louwvliet, covered much of the area that would become known as Claremont in later years. Additional farms sprung up in and around the area over the next century, mainly producing goods such as grapes, wine, and various grains.

Following the British takeover of the Cape Colony in 1814, the Claremont area began to be redeveloped into homesteads and country residences, with many of the original farms being renamed or converted. A division of one such farm, formerly known as Weltevreden, would go on to be renamed Claremont, introducing the name to the area.

In the 1830s, a small village began to develop in this area, becoming known as Claremont. This village was eventually connected to Cape Town by rail, spurring on additional growth. By 1886, the town had become its own municipality, also managing neighbouring Newlands. A housing boom that followed the Anglo-Boer War drew even more people to the area, prompting further expansion that would eventually see the town of Claremont being incorporated into the City of Cape Town (along with several other nearby municipalities) in 1913. Claremont has been known as a suburb of Cape Town ever since.


Claremont is part of Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs, and is located approximately ten kilometers south of the city center. A relatively small suburb, Claremont covers a total area of just over five square kilometers.


As an area with quite a long history, Claremont is home to a number of old heritage buildings, many of which are in the classic Cape Dutch style. The Claremont Civic Center is one example of such a building. The Claremont Congregational Church is another building of some antiquity, dating back to 1877. A more modern landmark is the Stadium-On-Main shopping center, a popular retail and entertainment destination.

Interesting Statistics

Claremont has a total population of around 17,198 people, at a population density of 3300 per square kilometer.

The majority of Claremont residents are White, with English being the most commonly spoken first language.

Claremont is a popular location for schools, with over fifteen situated in the area.

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