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Germiston is a major city in the Gauteng province of South Africa.

The city lies in the heart of the region’s gold fields and as such is one of the economic hubs of the country as well as being a location of significant historical importance. In modern times, the city has become a major industrial center, with over seven hundred factories located in the area. It is the largest railway center in the country, forming an important logistical point for the nation. Germiston is also the seat of the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality.

Germiston’s history begins in the middle of the South African gold rush that took place in the nineteenth century. This historical period was one of great development in the country that saw a large number of prospectors and their families moving to areas where potential gold reserves were to be found. The large numbers of people coming to these regions necessitated the development of new towns and villages, many of which sprung up within very short spaces of time.

Germiston was founded the early days of the gold rush, as the area was quickly become known as profitable mining country. The influx of people to the area that resulted from this reputation was sparked off when two of the first prospectors in the region, namely Jack John (originally from Germiston in Scotland) and August Simmer (from Vacha in Germany) struck gold on the farm of Elandsfontein, which was situated in what would become the Germiston area. Both men made fortunes from their discoveries, and their discovery was to form the foundation on which the town of Germiston would be built.

Over the next few decades, Germiston became a central hub of South Africa’s mining industry. In 1921, the world’s largest gold refinery, the Rand Refinery, was built near the city, immediately placed Germiston on the world map. While mining operations in the region have since would down, over seventy percent of the world’s gold still passes through the refinery even today.


Germiston is located on the East Rand region of South Africa, directly southeast of Johannesburg. It is largely considered to be a part of the greater Johannesburg metropolitan area due to its proximity to the city.


As a historical city, Germiston is home to a large number of old buildings and other landmarks, as well as natural features. St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church is over a century old, while St. Boniface’s Church, designed by Sir Herbert Baker, is only slightly younger. Baker also designed the Alexander Hotel, one of the oldest in the city. Victoria Lake (more commonly known simple as Germiston Lake), is one of the city’s main natural features.

Interesting Statistics

Germiston is home to approximately 255,863 people, at a population density of around 1800 per square kilometer.

The majority of the population is Black African, with English being the most commonly spoken first language.

Germiston covers a total area of 143.27 km2, at an average elevation of 1620m meters above sea level.

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