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Goodwood is a medium-sized suburb of Cape Town, in the Western Cape province of South Africa.

The area is given over to some residential neighbourhoods as well as a large proportion of industrial development, making the suburb an important center of production for the region. The Goodwood area is also of some historical and cultural importance, being one of the older suburbs within twentieth century Cape Town. Goodwood has its own magistrate’s court, making it a notable judicial center as well. A number of schools and other educational institutions are also located in the area.

Goodwood was initially a small town in the Western Cape region, founded in 1905. As its name suggests, the town was largely English in population and was named after the famous Goodwood racecourse in England. The founders’ original intention was to make the South African Goodwood into a similar racing centre, and in fact a racecourse was constructed in the area, but the venture did not take off and the course was abandoned after just one meeting. In the year of its founding, a railway station was also built to connect Goodwood to the rest of the regional rail network.

Due to Goodwood’s convenient location close to the Cape Town city center, it quickly became a popular location for residential, commercial, and industrial establishments, and development came quickly for the region. By 1938, Goodwood had extended enough to become its own municipality. A few years later, its area had extended even further to border the national road to the north and to include some of the neighbouring townships, such as Elsies River and Monte Vista (although these are often seen as suburbs of their own today).

Over the next few decades, major industrial development saw more than seventy industries set up shop in the Goodwood area, including steel construction engineering, sawmills, furniture, clothing, food products, earth-moving equipment, motorworks, and printing, to name a few. It remains an important industrial centre today.


Goodwood is located between the northern and southern suburbs of Cape Town, in the Bellville district, and falls under the City of Cape Town Metropolitan Municipality. The suburb is situated approximately eleven kilometers from the Cape Town city center, along the main Cape Town-Johannesburg railway line. The N1, N7, and N2 highways all provide access to the Goodwood area.


The suburb of Goodwood is quite small, and does not feature many notable landmarks, but a few are worthy of mention. Perhaps the most noteworthy is the GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World, which draws a substantial amount of commercial traffic to the area. The Goodwood showground plays host to the annual meeting of the Western Province Agricultural Society. Fairbairn College, a prominent school, is also located in the Goodwood area.

Interesting Statistics

Goodwood is home to approximately 50,285 people, at a density of around 2800 per square kilometer.

The majority population group is a more or less even split between Coloured and White, with English being the most commonly spoken first language in the area.

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