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Klerksdorp is a large city in the North West province of South Africa, and is one of the major population centers for the region.

In addition to fulfilling many necessary functions for the province, including that of a medical, retail, and educational center, the city forms its main economic hub (together with Rustenberg). It is also a location of major importance for the local gold mining industry, although as accessible gold reserves have begun to run low in recent years, this importance has decreased somewhat. It is expected that Klerksdorp will become a key city for uranium production in the not-too-distant future.

Klerksdorp’s history dates back to the nineteenth century, during the time of the Voortrekkers’ migration into the northern interior regions of South Africa. The city was originally founded in 1837 by a Voortrekker party that formed a settlement on the banks of the Schoonspruit (literally translating to ‘clear stream). This village, which would go on to be named Klerksdorp, was the first European settlement north of the Vaal River, and therefore the oldest within the former Transvaal Republic.

C.M. du Plooy was among the most notable of these first settlers, and established a large farm in the area known as Elandsheuwel. Over the years, this land was subdivided into smallholdings (partially as payment to other Voortrekkers for their services in building dams and irrigation canals as well as other important structures), and eventually took the form of a small village which was duly named Klerksdorp after the first landdrost (magistrate) of the area, Jacob de Clercq.

The gold rush came to Klerksdorp in 1886, when M.G. Jansen van Vuuren discovered gold in the area. Fueled by this local discovery as well as that of a large reef on the Witwatersrand to the east, a rapid influx of immigrants to the Klerksdorp area increased its population by the thousands, and the town had over seventy taverns as well as its own stock exchange within a few years. Gold continued to hold a very important role in the town’s development well into the twentieth century.


Klerksdorp is located near the eastern border of the North West province, around 160 kilometers from the Witwatersrand to the east. The provincial capital of Mafikeng is located around 170 kilometers to the northwest, while the major city of Johannesburg lies roughly the same distance to the northeast.


Due to its age and cultural heritage, Klerksdorp is home to a number of landmarks that are of some historical importance, as well as many natural attractions. Many mining shafts, both in use and abandoned, are scattered around the area, while the Klerksdorp museum, housed in an old prison, showcases the city’s history. The Goudkoppie (gold hill) is another feature of the area that has become a popular tourist attraction in recent years.

Interesting Statistics

Klerksdorp is home to around 186,515 people, at a density of approximately 1800 per square kilometer.

The majority of the population is Black African, with Tswana being the most commonly spoken first language in the region.

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