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Nelspruit is a major city in the northeast of South Africa, within the Mpumalanga province.

As the most populous urban center in the region, it also serves as the capital of the province itself. Additionally, Nelspruit is the financial and economic hub of the Mpumalanga region, with all major South African banks having their provincial headquarters in the city. The retail, agriculture, and forestry industries also have major presences in the city, which is home to one of the world’s largest manganese processing facilities. Being on the edge of a province that borders both countries, Nelspruit is also a tourist hub for visitors from neighbouring Mozabique and Swaziland.

While Nelspruit was officially founded in 1905, its history goes somewhat further back to the late nineteenth century. During this period, an important railway was being constructed to connect Mozambique to Pretoria. One of the first stations for this railway, and an important logistical point for its construction, was built on the existing farm of the brothers Nel, after whom the town of Nelspruit would go on to be founded. The community of workers and migrants that grew around the railway’s construction would develop into this same town.

The railway became an extremely important conduit between the gold fields of the Witwatersrand and the important trading port of Delagoa Bay (today known as Maputo), and Nelspruit received many benefits as a result of its being a key point on the line. The discovery of gold at various locations near the city also spurred on its development. During the Boer War, Nelspruit briefly served as the capital of the former South African Republic (not to be confused with the current Republic of South Africa), an independent Boer republic presided over by Paul Kruger. While the Republic itself was short-lived, this status established Nelspruit as a prominent city for the region. This reputation has carried over into modern times.

In 2009, the South African government launched an attempt to rename the city of Nelspruit to Mbombela. Due to a lack of due process in the form of consulting with city residents beforehand, this decision was challenged in the High Court. Pending a final decision from this judicial body, the city’s name remains Nelspruit today, both practically and officially.


Nelspruit is located along the banks of the Crocodile River, about 110 kilometers from the Mozambican border to the east, and roughly 330 kilometers from Johannesburg to the west. The city falls within the region known as the Maputo Corrider, an important trade route.


Nelspruit’s most prominent landmark is probably the Mbombela Stadium, constructed for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The Sudwala Caves, also located near the city, are a notable natural attraction, while the Kruger National Park is not far from the city itself.

Interesting Statistics

Nelspruit is home to approximately 58,672 people, at a density of around 810 per square kilometer.

The majority of the population is White, with Afrikaans being the most commonly spoken first language.

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