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Parktown is a prominent suburb that forms a part of the city of Johannesburg, South Africa.

A fairly affluent area as well as a major part of the city itself, Parktown is one of Johannesburg’s largest suburbs, and is made up of a variety of different zones, infrastructure, and important buildings. These include residential areas, commercial establishments, hospitals, educational facilities, religious buildings, restaurants, and others. It is also home to three of the five campuses of the University of the Witwatersrand. Parktown is affectionately known as one of the ‘Parks’, together with other suburbs such as Parkview, Parkwood, and Parkhurst.

The origins of Parktown can be traced back to the late nineteenth century. In 1890, a substantial tract of farmland belonging to the Braamfontein Farm was bought by Edouard Lippert, and proceeded to rebuild the farmhouse located on a ridge in the area. On the plains overlooked by this farmhouse, Lippert planted what would become the Sachsenwald Forest as a means to supply the fast-growing city and local mining industry with much-needed timber. He later went on to subdivide part of the land on the ridge into residential plots.

In 1892, Lady Florence Phillips came across this area during a journey north of the dusty mining town that was Johannesburg at the time. Finding it an ideal place for a residence, she commissioned the construction of a manor house there, which became known as Hohenheim. With this, the area that would become Parktown was immediately established as a wealthy and affluent area, and many Randlords and other successful businessmen would come to establish their own homes in the area. This aspect of Parktown’s reputation largely remains to this day.

Parktown was also the site of much conspiratorial planning for the infamous Jameson Raid: the uprising against Paul Kruger’s newly formed South African Republic that would trigger the Second Boer War. The area also saw considerable unrest during the miners’ strikes in the early twentieth century, and at several points guns were fired from the Parktown ridge in an attempt to disperse the discontented miners below.


Parktown is located in Region F of Johannesburg, and is the first suburb to be found north of the inner city. It is bordered by the neighbouring suburbs of Hillbrow, Braamfontein, and Milpark to the south, Berea and Houghton to the east, Killarney and Forest Town to the north, and Westcliff, Melville and Richmond to the west.


Parktown’s landmarks include many fine examples of Victorian, Edwardian, and Cape Dutch architecture, including many stately old mansions. The Johannesburg General Hospital (among other medical facilities) is based in Parktown. The education, medical, and business school campuses of the University of the Witwatersrand are also located in the suburb.

Interesting Statistics

Parktown is home to around 6,396 people, at a population density of approximately 1800 per square kilometer.

The majority of the population is Black African, with English being the most commonly spoken first language in the area.

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