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Pinetown is a mediums-sized town in the KwazZulu-Natal province of South Africa, close to the major port city of Durban.

The town is a major population center for the region as well as being home to some important educational institutions (including the Edgewood campus of the University of KwaZulu-Natal) in addition to some notable sporting and infrastructural facilities. In terms of industry, Pinetown has a reputation for being a central hub of the regional motor industry, with a large number of automobile dealerships situated within the town itself.

Prior to the region’s inhabitation by Europeans, the Zulu Empire was largely in control of the area in which Pinetown would come to be established (and indeed much of what would become the Natal area). Some of the first Europeans to arrive in the area were Voortrekker settlers, and their settlements were for a time considered part of the short-lived Boer Republic of Natalia. Pinetown was originally founded in 1849, and was initially a predominantly British settlement. The town was named after the then-governor of Natal, Sir Benjamin Pine, and began to take shape around the central point of the Wayside Hotel, an establishment that catered to travellers journeying along the old wagon route between Durban and Pietermaritzburg.

Over the years, Pinetown was often an important strategic location. Only a year after its foundation, a fort was built to defend against a possible attack (which never actually came during the fort’s lifetime). The Anglo-Zulu War of 1879 saw Pinetown become an important garrison post for the British, with many army camps being set up in the surrounding grasslands. A similar situation arose during the Second Anglo-Boer War that took place over the turn of the twentieth century. During this time, the British army established a concentration camp near Pinetown to house Boer women, children, and prisoners of war.

Pinetown also became a settling place for many German immigrants, who over the years established a strong expatriate community in the area. Even today, a neighbourhood known as New Germany and the German Lutheran Church maintain a strong German presence in the town, contributing to its cultural makeup.


Pinetown is located just inland of the East Coast of South Africa, between Pietermaritzburg and Durban. The town is situated approximately sixteen kilometers west of the Durban city center, and is part of the eThekwini Municipality. Pinetown proper is generally considered to lie between Cowies Hill to the east, and the Westmead industrial area to the west.


Pinetown’s most notable landmarks are mostly historical in nature, and include old buildings such as Fort Funk, the Wayside Cross (a First World War memorial), Colenbrander Park, and the Voortrekker Well (the first in the area, dating back to the early nineteenth century), among others.

Interesting Statistics

Pinetown is home to approximately 144,026 people, at a density of around 1700 per square kilometer.

The majority of the population is Black African, with Zulu being the most commonly spoken first language.

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