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Sea Point is a major suburb of Cape Town, South Africa, and is one of the city’s most affluent and populated areas.

Being the only seaside suburb that has been extensively developed with high-rise buildings, it has become a very popular residential area in addition to being home to many restaurants and other commercial establishments. It is also one of Cape Town’s most historic suburbs, dating back to the earliest days of European settlement in the Cape of Good Hope. In recent years, Sea Point has undergone considerable urban renewal, making it an even more attractive prospect for developers and homeowners alike.

The history of Sea Point can be traced back to the mid-eighteenth century. The areas first European inhabitants were Francois Le Sueuer and his family. Le Sueuer was a French aristocrat and protestant who was assigned as spiritual advisor to Hendrik Swellengrebel, then the governor of the Cape Colony. The family’s original farm covered over two hundred acres in the area that would become Sea Point.

The suburb first got its name around the year 1776, when Sam Wallis, one of Captain Cook’s commanders, made an encampment in the area in an attempt to avoid a smallpox outbreak that was ravaging Cape Town at the time. As the city expanded towards the early nineteenth century, the area was incorporated as a suburb of Cape Town, and later merged with neighbouring Green Point to become a municipality of its own. In 1862, a tramline was opened linking the city center with Camps Bay, with Sea Point along the same route. This firmly established the area as a ‘commuter suburb’, with many of its residents taking the tram to and from their places of work in the city.

Sea Point’s reputation for cultural tolerance was largely fostered by one of its earliest parliamentarians, Saul Solomon, who founded a ‘round church’ in the area that embraced many religions. Since then, Sea Point has continued to become more developed, and has remained a surprisingly diverse community despite being declared a ‘whites only’ area under the apartheid regime.


Sea Point is located along the stretch of Cape coastline known as the Atlantic Seaboard, a few kilometers west of Cape Town’s central business district. Following the coastline from the city center, one passes through the suburbs of Three Anchor Bay and Green Point before reaching Sea Point. Other neighbouring suburbs include Mouille Point and Bantry Bay.


Sea Point’s most prominent landmark is the beachfront, including the promenade that is a favourite walking route for locals and visitors alike, and passes by an extensive park, including children’s playgrounds and an outdoor gym. The Winchester is one of the oldest hotels in the area, while the Sea Point Pavilion swimming pools are also a major attraction.

Interesting Statistics

Sea Point is home to approximately 13,332 people, at a density of around 8400 per square kilometer.

The majority of the population is White, with English being the most commonly spoken first language in the area.

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