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Strand is a prominent seaside resort and mainly residential area located in the Western Cape province of South Africa.

Technically, the area forms a part of the City of Cape Town Municipality, but it is often considered by locals to be its own separate town. The region’s name simply translates to ‘beach’, and it is the five-kilometer stretch of beachfront for which the area is best known. It is also often referred to as The Strand or Die Strand, which was the old name of the town itself. Although originally established primarily as a holiday resort, the Strand area has grown over the years into a proper community.

The history of Strand can be traced back to the early eighteenth century. The first European settler in the Strand area was David du Buisson, who, along with his new wife Claudina, established a farm by the name of Vlooibaai in the region in 1707. Following du Buisson’s death in 1722, the farm changed hands a number of times before being purchased by Philip Morkel in 1748. At this time, the Morkel family owned a considerable stretch of land along this part of the coastline. The good fishing and tranquil coastline to be found in the Strand area led to the establishment of an early resort and fishing village, which proved popular from the start.

The town of Strand grew steadily over the next few decades, and became a surprisingly integrated community for the time due to the inclusion of many Cape Malay residents and free slaves, among others. Many tourists from the nearby Cape Colony began to frequent the small village to escape the increasingly busy and rapidly growing metropolis. As a result, a beach going culture sprung up in the area During the nineteenth century, complete with avid bathers and extravagant headgear and eyewear. A number of shipwrecks also took place along this stretch of coastline during this period.

In 1970, during the height of the Apartheid regime, Strand was declared a whites-only area, leading to the forceful eviction of the local coloured population. Many of these people were descendants of the Cape Malays who had originally come to the area centuries ago. These events cast something of a pall on the once tranquil community, but in recent years, it has become somewhat reintegrated.


Strand is located on the eastern edge of False Bay, at the foot of the Hottentots Holland Mountains. It is situated approximately halfway between Macassar and Gordon’s Bay, and can be found about fifty kilometers southeast of Cape Town.


Strand’s major landmark is of course the beaches themselves, with Melkbaai beach being the most prominent. Waterworld, a water park, is a major attraction in the area, together with Harmony Park, which boasts a tidal pool.

Interesting Statistics

Strand is home to approximately 55,558 people, at a density of around 2600 per square kilometer.

The majority of the population is Coloured, with Afrikaans being the most commonly spoken first language in the area.

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