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Anyone with a taste for the finer things in life will appreciate Lindt’s world-class chocolate with a silky-smooth texture and understated richness that will leave you craving more of their unique combinations.

Lindt produces chocolate masterpieces that are designed, crafted and moulded to perfection. The brand experiments with unique tastes finding delightfully interesting blends of flavours and textures.

The Creation collection features flavours that are inspired by some of your favourite desserts, including Pistachio, Crème Brule and Mousse au Chocolate White, taking decadence to the next level. For a more exotic pallet, the Excellence collection created by the Lindt master chocolatier combines milk and dark chocolate to create Madagascar, Arabica, Pink Grapefruit and Coconut Intense flavours, amongst others. Created in 1989, Excellence is known for its creative take on dark chocolate that embodies the taste of travel and fine dining.

You can’t go wrong with Lindt as a gift and their range includes cute Strawberries and Cream Truffles, heart-shaped packaging and luxury selections. Any item from the Master Chocolatier Collection would be the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates chocolate and luxury treats.

Lindt is there to help you create special memories with a collection for every occasion, including holidays; Valentine’s Day, Christmas and Easter – try the Love Box which comprises an array of praline hearts enrobed in chocolate in a Limited-edition box.

The Lindt story began in 1845 with confectioner David Sprungli- Schwarz and his son, Rudolf Sprungli-Ammann who owned a small confectionary in Zurich. Rudolf’s sons inherited the company and in 1899, his older son Rudolf who inherited the chocolatier, acquired a small infamous chocolate factory owned by Rudolf Lindt in Berne. The rest is history and with Lindt’s superior technology and flavour palate combined with the Sprungli business savvy, the new Lindt-Sprungli brand soared.

Today, Lindt and Sprungli AG has manufacturing sites in Switzerland, Germany, Italy and USA and is a Swiss publicly held stock company.

The Lindt and Sprüngli project aims to improve the living conditions of farmers in Ghana, one of the most important producers of cocoa, and other countries affiliated to the project. This involves paying a premium per tonne of cocoa purchased. It is also involved in various other outreach programs.

As of 2014, Roger Federer is a proud Lindt ambassador, personifies Lindt’s core philosophy of Premium quality and passion.

Lindt gives back to its community and is committed to using environmentally sustainable practices and responsible procurement of ingredients.

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