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Montagu Snacks Specials

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Latest Deals | 29th November 2021




Montagu makes eating healthy easy with its large assortment of delicious snacks. Montagu’s collection comprises everything from dried fruit and biltong to chocolate coated peanuts and raisins.

The brand is dedicated to the snack revolution and ensuring South Africans have a healthier alternative to candy snacks on the market. Montagu has something for every taste, from the sweet tooth to more refined pallet. Whatever your taste, you can find something at a Montague store.

Montagu wants to support South Africans to live healthy lifestyles and thus makes eating healthy snacks that much more convenient. They’re also great for children who won’t hesitate to choose a Montagu snack to keep them going, thanks to its delicious taste.

In further support of better living, Montagu also sharers creative recipes to create delicious snacks at home and to get your little ones to enjoy eating well. Its extensive collection of recipes covers everything from vegan treats to dinner recipes, helping you to make the most of their products. Their lifestyle blog’s engaging articles that can support you in your journey towards living your best life.

Montagu has a range of preservative-free products and all their products use as little preservatives as possible. The Montagu philosophy is based on small town values and its promise too customers is tested trusted Montagu goodness. The company prides itself on ethical production and sourcing snacks responsibly.

Montagu distributes both locally and internationally and supplies its tasty treats to one hundred franchise stores. You can get your hands on Montagu products from independent, retail and convenience retailers. Montagu products are available in many major stores, including Cape Union Mart, Engen and Game. You can find more locations using its online store locator.

Sixty percent of the company’s product range is local, and the brand occasionally imports.

Montagu is a South African family owned brand founded in 2001 by a young man from Montagu who moved Johannesburg to start a business. In 2018, the brand joined the Acorn Agri and Food family. The Acorn Agri and Food company has a hundred-year legacy of quality, nutritional products. Since the partnership, Montagu has updated its look with a fresh new logo and packaging.

Montagu also collaborates with the Community Action Partnership, an initiative to train and employ people living with disabilities to produce and pack products. The brand is also committed to reducing its impact on the environment and uses sustainable sources of palm oil.