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Latest Deals | 3rd August 2021




It is difficult to narrow down exactly what the Nomu brand is – the company curates an eclectic collection of luxury cooking products, including olive oils, rubs, baking supplies and sweet treats.

One thing is for certain, Nomu’s range will take your home cooking to greater heights, adding a special flavour to any snack. Find the best in local flavours, textures and tastes that will turn any ordinary meal into a special occasion.

Nomu’s signature Cooks Collection features a delectable range of spices beautifully packaged in sleek glass. The wide array of flavours includes Chipotle flakes, Indian Curry and Sumac.

Nomu introduced South Africans to the first range of rubs, inspired by world flavours. Their rubs are cooking innovations that are instant dry marinades that you can combine with olive oil or use directly on food. The brand’s extra virgin olive oil is not only tasty but comes in an elegant green glass bottle that you’ll want to keep on display for months – Nomu is not just kitchen supplies, it’s a lifestyle that comprises fine dining, fine tastes and fine company.

For baking mixes that make lovely desserts that taste homemade, try Nomu’s selection of kits to easily make chocolate cake, waffles or cookies. It also stocks hot chocolate that is perfect for winter nights.

Make a loved one feel special and gift them one of Nomu’s stunning gift boxes comprising a range of treats that will taste as good as they look in the pantry.

In addition to their in-house brand, Nomu also supplies an extensive range of local products, including Sweetly’s sugar substitute collection, Cheaky Co, Ma Mere and Okja as part of their Live Local initiative. The project aims to address common distribution challenges for speciality brands in Cape Town by building a network of support and enrich each other’s brand.

Nomu products are available from its online stores and is sold in major retailers’ nationwide. These retailers include Pick n Pay, Woolworths and Clicks. Nomu is also stocked in a twenty-four countries across the world, including USA, Canada and Dubai.

Nomu was established in 2002 by Tracy Foulkes who noticed the stressful precarity of the Cape Town catering industry. Following her fine sense of taste, she began commercialising her range of homemade season. From her small Oranjezicht kitchen, Tracy developed a high-quality product.

Nomu proudly supports South African products and ensure it makes a wide range of quality local products available to shoppers at reasonable prices.