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Latest Deals | 6th May 2021




Pick ‘n Pay is a retailer with a 50-year history in South Africa.

Since 1967 Pick ‘n Pay has been a part of the South African retail landscape, growing to become the 2nd largest grocery store chain in the country. The brand is synonymous with Raymond Ackerman, one of the most well-respected businessmen in South Africa. Although Ackerman did not start Pick ‘n Pay, it’s his entrepreneurial spirit that turned it into what it is today. Pick ‘n Pay started out as a chain of four grocery stores that had been opened in the Western Cape by Jack Goldin. Ackerman purchased the stores from Goldin, raising the R620,000 required to buy it by putting up R100,000 of his own money and getting the remainder of it from friends and colleagues. Ackerman wasted no time in expanding the business. The first store to be opened outside Cape Town was in the town of Port Elizabeth in 1969. Pick ‘n Pay was already gaining accolades as a retail superstar having won over a loyal customer base by cutting prices on everyday food items. As Pick ‘n Pay continued to grow, Ackerman once again showed that he was a pioneer in the field by introducing the one-stop hypermarket concept to South Africa. The first Pick ‘n Pay Hypermarket opened in Boksburg, Johannesburg, in 1975 with record-breaking sales made in its first days of trading. The following year, the No Name brand, Pick ‘n Pay’s private label was launched. Twenty years after the business was acquired by Ackerman, Pick ‘n Pay had a turnover of R2-billion from 100 stores. In 1994, Pick ‘n Pay started its franchise operation, opening six Family Stores. Today, Pick ‘n Pay is a 50-year-old business with more than 1,500 stores and turnover of R77-billion.

Pick ‘n Pay continues to be a largely family-managed business, with the Ackerman family holding senior leadership positions. The company expanded into the rest of Africa and has 140 stores throughout the continent. In 2011, Pick ‘n Pay launched a loyalty programme to reward its customers for their patronage. The Smart Shopper programme has more than 8-million members who can earn points on their everyday purchases. Pick ‘n Pay has always placed an emphasis on customer service and technology has been an enabler for the company to improve on their offering. The company offers a convenient home shopping and delivery service and has sped up checkout times at its tills by being the first retailer to allow contactless payments. In 2016, Pick ‘n Pay started a pilot project in its Observatory store to test self-service tills, with the possibility of a roll out to other stores in the future.

Pick ‘n Pay was founded by Jack Goldin – the same entrepreneur who started Clicks.