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Avroy Shlain Specials

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Avroy Shlain Specials

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Latest Deals | 25th September 2021




Avroy Shlain provides shoppers with a unique online shopping experience featuring an extensive collection of products that are natural, exceptional and dermatologically-tested and at prices that you can feel good about.

South Africans have come to expect nothing but reliable, soothing and beautifying skincare and cosmetic products that are inspired by the scents, colours and healing properties of mother nature.

The brand offers shoppers a wide variety of products for men and women, including skincare, personal care, fragrances and colour cosmetics. Avroy Shlain features a collection of creative pieces that are more than just products, they’re accessories such as the Coppelia lipstick necklace.

The Avroy Shlain customer is effervescent, playful and elegant and the brand caters to your energetic personality, including products like Coppelia and Adrenaline for Him.

The brand offers an ideal blend between science and nature and combines their earthly products with cutting-edge science to produce a collection of skincare products that are dermatologically-tested and excellent in all aspects. The collection also comprises a number of anti-aging solutions such as Argan Oil moisturising body cream from Body Essence or CRT Youth Gel to help you age gracefully.

Avroy Shlain understands the South African lifestyle and has a range of products that takes the country’s southern climate into consideration, protecting your skin and keeping your hair moisturised. Avroy Shlain also understands African bodies and features an Afri Moisture range designed to protect and replenish your hair from the effects of the scorching South African sun.

Avroy Shlain philosophy is simple – they want to make you look good and feel good and bring you the best products at affordable prices.

You can get your Avroy Shlain products from their online store or from a distributor near you.

The Avroy and Shlain brand began in 1973 when Avroy and Beryl Shlain started their own company, developing a small range of skincare products. After years of success, Avroy Shlain joined the family of cookware giants, Tupperware in 2005, taking its elegant products international.

Today Avroy Shlain remains one of the leaders in its industry and has over 70 000 distributors around South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.  The company has also been voted one of the Top Three beauty and cosmetic brands by the Sunday Times.

Avroy Shlain is dedicated to ensuring that none of its products are tested on animals, as do their parent company, Tupperware. They’re also committed to empowering women by providing opportunities for entrepreneurship.