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With 400 stores, Clicks is South Africa’s leading healthcare retailer.

Clicks is a chain of retail pharmacy, health and beauty stores that have been operating in South Africa since August 1968. The first store was opened in St. George’s Street in Cape Town by serial entrepreneur, Jack Goldin. The purchase of the Clicks store was funded by profit that Goldin had made when he had sold 3 stores of another retail brand – Pick ‘n Pay – that he had started. Goldin’s vision for Clicks was inspired by the drugstore concept that he had seen while travelling in America. Unfortunately, strict legislation in South Africa which allowed only qualified pharmacists to own and manage pharmacies meant that Clicks becoming a full-service dispensary would have to wait for at least a few decades. Nevertheless, Goldin continued to trade, offering his shoppers a range of health, beauty and home goods. Clicks became known for its affordable pricing. The business prospered and the number of stores grew. By 1971, Goldin was opening stores outside the Western Cape and Clicks stores could be found in Durban and Johannesburg. Eight years later, Clicks was listed on the JSE and its annual turnover was R50-million. Goldin continued to run the business until 1988 when he sold Clicks to the Score Group. By this time, there were well over 100 stores. As Clicks reached 330 stores in April 1994, it achieved another milestone when its turnover exceeded R1-billion. A change in the legislation in 2003 finally opened the door for Clicks to start operating in-store pharmacies, fully realising Jack Goldin’s original dream. True to the store’s beginnings, the first pharmacy opened in Cape Town in March 2004.

Over the years, Clicks has grown from an operation of a few stores to a diversified group that includes Musica and The Body Shop brands. Clicks currently have more than 400 stores offering a mix of private label and branded products. The retailer has a reputation for being the first to launch haircare, grooming and beauty brands. Despite facing competition from the likes of Dis-Chem, Clicks continues to hold its position as the market leader in the healthcare category.

Clicks was the first South African retailer to successfully introduce a loyalty card. The Clicks Clubcard programme boasts a membership of 3.4 million active cardholders.

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