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Latest Deals | 29th November 2021




Few brands exude elegance quite like Elizabeth Arden, a favourite amongst women with sophisticated and refined taste particularly when it comes to beauty, cosmetics and skincare.

Elizabeth Arden didn’t just revolutionise the women’s beauty industry – she built it, taking an innovative and unprecedented approach to beauty and skincare that is still appreciated by women across the world today. If you’re looking for products that are authentic, top-quality and one that cares for your skin and your needs, look no further than the classic red door.

Elizabeth Arden’s extensive collection includes an eclectic blend of products designed to care for and enhance your best features while ensuring your skin stays protected and fragrant. The brand caters for your three most pressing cosmetic needs – skincare, make-up and fragrances. There’s something for every phase of life, from Grand Entrance mascara to anti-aging line and wrinkle formulae.

Infuse the healing powers of nature with Elizabeth Arden’s White Tea and Green Tea Mimosa Eau de Toilette, the latter being a sparkling citrus – floral fragrance that will make any occasion feel like a walk in the park.

Elizabeth Arden is about more than just beauty – it’s about confidence. The brand’s philosophy is to empower women by providing products that don’t mask the skin but accentuate its natural features.

Elizabeth Arden cares about the community and for the fourth consecutive year, is partnering with their Make a Visible Difference Community Hero, Kate Senekal of the Sparrow Society, which serves to sustain local manufacturing amidst a market flushed with imports. By manufacturing Elizabeth Arden bags, the Sparrow Society are contributing to creating employment in the local industry.

You can find your Elizabeth Arden products from Edgars, Foshini, Red Square or Woolworths stores in most major metropolitan shopping centres nationwide.

In 1910, Miss Elizabeth Arden (born Florence Nightingale Graham) had a vision of creating a line of women’s beauty products that enriched rather than masked the skin, and established the Red Door salon on Fifth Avenue New York. Elizabeth’s dream was to provide women with what they want by blending science and nature. Her classic Eight Hour Cream and Blue Grass fragrance are just a couple of her ground-breaking products that has made her a favourite amongst women through generations.

Just twenty years later, Elizabeth Arden had iconic Red Door salons in most of the fashion capitals of the world and joining the ranks of the world’s most recognisable brands.