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A recognisable name in the beauty and cosmetics industry with a 70-year history.

Estée Lauder is a global cosmetics firm started in 1946 by husband and wife team, Estée and Joseph Lauder. In the early years of the business, Estée was in charge of the creative elements and product development, while Joseph managed the financial and operational aspects. The company’s first 4 products were introduced in 1946. The lineup included a skin cream, which was marketed and sold in beauty salons where Estée would do product demos. Estée’s first major department store order came from the prestigious Saks Fifth Avenue, which was an endorsement of quality for her products. The company’s early success was largely due to word-of-mouth marketing and Estée’s own efforts in meeting customers face-to-face. In 1953, the company launched its breakthrough Youth-Dew product. This was followed by Re-Nutritiv, which created the luxury skincare category. The company experienced great growth from the 1960s, with 3 manufacturing facilities, the launch of Aramis and Clinique, as well as international expansion with listings in London’s Harrod’s being notable milestones.

In 1962, Estée Lauder launched its range of makeup, and in the 1970s, fragrance became another product category that the company entered into. The company has since entered into fragrance licensing agreements with designers such as Tommy Hilfiger and Donna Karan. In the 1990s the company became publicly-listed; however the Lauder family continued have an active role in its functioning, with family members still holding significant leadership positions to this day. The company has strengthened its portfolio over the years by acquiring leading cosmetics houses, including MAC Cosmetics, Smashbox, and La Mer. For years, the Estée Lauder brand has supported breast cancer awareness via an ongoing initiative.

Liz Hurley, Carolyn Murphy, Liya Kebede, and most recently Kendall Jenner, are a few of the famous models who have been Estée Lauder brand ambassadors.