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A well-known brand of disposable nappies produced by Kimberly-Clark.

Huggies is a brand of disposable nappies owned by Kimberly-Clark (K-C), a US multinational consumer goods company. At a time when disposable nappies were still niche product that was only available in pharmacies and hospitals, K-C launched a mass-market brand, called Kimbies, in 1968. The company’s product was far from perfect and consumers complained about leakage issues. As a result, the brand didn’t last long and was replaced by Kleenex Huggies in 1978. The new nappy brand performed better, thanks to the addition of key improvements that the K-C R&D team had been working on, and by 1982, it was nationally distributed in the US.

K-C’s history in South Africa dates back to 1960, when the company entered into a joint venture with South African Pulp and Paper. They were the first company to introduce disposable nappies to the local market, marketing them under the Kimbies brand, which became a generic term for the product category for years, before relaunching the brand as Huggies in the early 1990’s. Huggies uses a three-tier product strategy in South Africa that enables the brand to address the needs of different customer segments. A range of wipes and specialty brand extensions are also marketed. The range comprises:

Huggies New Baby in sizes 0 (for premature babies), 1 and 2; Huggies Dry Comfort, a sub-brand with sizes 3 – 5 for consumers seeking a value brand; Huggies Gold, a premium sub-brand in sizes 3 – 5 and the only gender-specific nappy in the market, featuring tailored absorption zones for boys and girls; Huggies Nappy Pants, a premium-priced nappy that fits like underwear, which makes for more convenient changing – available in sizes 3 -5; Huggies Little Swimmers, a specialty nappy used for swimming; Huggies Wipes, available in 3 variants corresponding to the nappy sub-brands. Huggies nappies are produced from K-C’s plant in Springs, Gauteng.

Huggies was the first brand to introduce refastenable tapes