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Latest Deals | 25th September 2021




For a unique shopping experience curated by a team of industry experts, look no further than Retail Box, a South African online retailer bringing you the best in professional hair and beauty brands.

Retail Box team has used their knowledge of the beauty industry to curate a wide multifaceted range of products to help you become your best self. Treat every aspect of your beautiful body with the Retail Box’s wide range of hair, skin, body, makeup, and manicure and pedicure products. There’s also a range for men featuring everything you need to keep your look fresh, including scalp care, shaving and beard care and styling products.

As well as beauty and cosmetic products, Retail Box also curates an extensive selection of tools to help maintain your style effortlessly. Their collection includes the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer, Mycro Keratin Moyoko Infinity Infrared Wide straighteners, hot brushes and curlers. Find anything you need in a range of top-quality brands and playful aesthetics. You’ll love the unique range of brands selected and you’re unlikely to find them in most retail stores.

Give your feet a break by shopping for your favourite products online and give them an extra treat with one of the heels protecting, moisturising and smoothing products available at Retail Box.

Retail Box features with leading brands Kerstasie and GHD. Kerstase is a leader in haircare across the world, bring customers a high-tech blend of ingredients that aim to restore your hair to its natural vitality, health and shine. GHD is a leader in the heat styling industry and features a collection of premium straighteners, curlers and products.

The brand is big on education and wants to teach South Africans how to care for themselves while striving to achieve their best look.

Become part of the Retail Box family and join the Affiliate Program which offers influencers, trendsetters and social media icons a chance to earn some extra cash doing what they love. You can sign up to become an affiliate through the Retail Box website.

You can order your favourite brands through the Retail Box’s ecommerce platform.

Retail Box is an ecommerce company was founded in 2013 in South Africa and based in Bellville. The brand is part of the Style Bar Hair Salon group and embodies the company’s high standards and deep knowledge of the industry.

Retail Box puts beauty at the tip of your fingers, and you can restock and explore products through your phone.