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Latest Deals | 29th November 2021




Nurture yourself with nature and Sh’Zen – creators of nature-infused health and beauty products to replenish both your body and mind. Sh’Zen has an extensive collection of healing remedies to restore your hair and skin’s natural shine and vitality.

Sh’Zen products are designed to treat more than just your beauty and cosmetic needs. Sh’Zen produces lifestyle products that care for your health and aim for total, all-round wellness, from the inside out. The collection of remedies from the brand’s natural pharmacy uses the healing powers of nature and the latest developments in science to produce a range of products to cater to all your everyday health needs, from managing stress to recovering from flu’s and colds, Sh’Zn has you covered.

Sh’Zen Aromaremedies are a collection of aromatherapy products that harness the power of natural fragrance to relax your body and focus your mind. Infused with the healing wonders of nature, you’ll find a product for all your health needs, including grapefruit powered appetite suppressants, the 100 percent natural BreatheEasy collection of flu remedies and the collection of anti-inflammatory joint support.

If you’re looking to achieve your goal weight to maintain your health and fabulous figure, you’ll love Sh’Zen’s range of targeted weight-loss and detoxifying products. Detoxifying has never been as easy as using the Cell-u-lite Vacuum Therapy, an innovative product that delivers micro lipo-massage to cellulite problem areas. The Super Fat Burner vegicaps are designed to kickstart your metabolism, suppress your appetite and increase fat oxidation, helping you get into better shape and have more energy.

Sh’Zen also features a collection of products for men, including the Enneaessence collection of warm, spicy and therapeutic essential oils.  The collection also includes calming shaving creams and after-sport washes.

Sh’Zen also offers shoppers great monthly discounts, enabling you to live your most natural lifestyle easily. You can get you Sh’Zen products online or through a consultant near you.

Sh’Zen is a South African direct-sales company that prides itself on 30 years of people, passion and purpose in the industry. Their products use the best essential and plant oils and partners with top cosmetic scientists and clinical aromatherapies. Founded by Ingrid Alexander in 1989, Sh’Zen values the empowerment of women, promising an opportunity to reach financial independence through its direct-sales model. The brand is committed to its social responsibility and the natural environment and ensures its products are not test its products on animals.