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ANAT Specials

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ANAT Specials

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Latest Deals | 26th September 2021





Refer to restaurant website for up to date pricing

  • Chicken Full: R74.90
  • Chicken Half: R44.90
  • Beef Full: R77.90
  • Beef Half: R46.90
  • Lamb Full: R96.90
  • Lamb Half: R56.90
  • Falafel Full: R59.90
  • Falafel Half: R39.90
  • Falafel Wrap: R61.90
  • Meat Free Monday Falafel: R49.90
  • Falafel Munchers: R54.90
  • Chicken Munchers: R59.90
  • Beef Munchers: R61.90
  • Lamb Munchers: R71.90
  • Regular Chips: R17.90
  • Medium Chips: R20.90
  • Jumbo Chips: R27.90
  • Falafel Balls: R4.90
  • Beef Single: R49.90
  • Beef Single (Cheese): R54.90
  • Beef Double: R77.90
Half Combos
  • Half Falafel Combo: R70.90
  • Half Chicken Shwarma Combo: R75.90
  • Half Beef Shwarma Combo: R77.90
  • Half Lamb Shwarma Combo: R87.90

Comes with regular chips and 330ml drink

No Pita Shwarma
  • No Pita Chicken Shwarma: R74.90
  • No Pita Beef Shwarma: R77.90
  • No Pita Lamb Shwarma: R96.90
  • Falafel Platter: R400
  • Mixer Platter: R500
  • Meat Platter: R600
  • Chicken Wrap: R76.90
  • Beef Wrap: R79.90
  • Lamb Wrap: R98.90
Full Combos
  • Full Falafel Combo: R90.90
  • Full Chicken Shwarma Combo: R105.90
  • Full Beef Shwarma Combo: R108.90
  • Full Lamb Shwarma Combo: R127.90
  • Full Falafel Wrap Combo: R92.90
  • Full Chicken Wrap Combo: R107.90
  • Full Beef Wrap Combo: R110.90
  • Full Lamb Wrap Combo: R129.90
  • Beef Burger Single Combo: R80.90
  • Cheese Beef Burger Single Combo: R85.90
  • Double Beef Burger Combo: R108.90

Comes with regular chips and 330ml drink, R2 extra to upsize to a 440ml drink.

  • 330ml Cans: R15.90
  • 440ml Bottles: R17.90