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Chicken Licken Specials

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Chicken Licken Specials

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Latest Deals | 27th September 2021




Chicken Licken provides more than a meal, it provides a soulful experience, from the bold blend of tastes and flavours, down to their bold attitude. Nothing brings South Africans together as easily as Chicken Licken – the country’s favourite fried chicken.

Staying true to its brand, Chicken Licken specialises in providing customers with delectable chicken meals. Their hot wings are just what you need when the craving’s got you, and the range of reasonably-priced portions offers something for anytime meal of the day, from a snack on the go, to family dinner. Make your chicken a full meal and select from Chicken Licken’s Soulicious specials. Better yet, make your meal a party and order the Soul Mates Classic Party and enjoy classic twelve hotwings, four sliders and two portions of regular fries for less than R100. You could also opt to add some colour to your meal with the Family Full house which additionally comes with your choice of coleslaw, Achaar or Tomato Salsa.

Chicken Licken’s mouth-watering range of Chicken burgers and Top Delux Burgers offers a number of variations of the classic chicken burger, combining toppings creatively to create a diverse selection to satisfy every craving. Signature Chicken Licken burgers include the Double Chick’n Boerie, Love Me Hot and Big John.

For lighter meals, you can choice between various combinations which comprise hot wings, toasted sandwiches, coleslaws and cooldrinks. Chicken Licken’s Easy Bucks Menu offers you something quick and tasty to keep you going through day, including its two-piece slider, its Popcorn Chicken slider and Soul Mix – a slider, hotwings and Soul Fries.

Find something for the whole family with Chicky Licky for children. You can purchase a fun toy to go along with the little one’s smaller portion munch burger.

Was your meal down with something lekker. Chicken Licken has a number of ice creams and sundaes, including the Kreemy Cyclone which is a vanilla ice crème infused with Romany Creams Classic or Chock Mint. You could also keep it cool with a double thick shake or Liqui Fruit.

You can find Chicken Licken in most major metropolitan cities. There are 250 outlets in South Africa and twelve in Botswana.

Chicken Licken has been on the South African food market since 19891 when it was founded by George Sombonos in Ridegeway. Sombonos was the son of a Greek immigrant who learnt the trade from his father.

JSE-listed company Rainbow Chicken supplies Chicken Licken with its chicken.