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A brand of pizza stores that was a game changer in the takeaway fast-food sector.

Debonairs Pizza was founded by Craig McKenzie and Andrew Harvey, who were university students at the time. McKenzie is credited with coming up with the idea for a pizza shop based on similar concepts he’d seen during a gap year in Los Angeles. Upon returning to South Africa, McKenzie partnered with Harvey and they started selling pizzas out of McKenzie’s parent’s garage. The company later moved to a bakery in Pietermaritzburg in 1991, and the first Debonairs store was opened. The duo sold 8 pizzas on their first day of trading out of their bakery. The business took off and two more stores opened in Umhlanga and Durban. The company is known for making pizzas with generous toppings and innovative concepts such as the Double Stack, Triple Decker, and Crammed Crust. Debonairs’ product range was expanded to include subs – a half or full baguette stuffed with various fillings.

Debonairs innovative twist on the pizza led to the company experiencing growth that was unprecedented in the South African food sector. At one time, there was one store opening per week. In 1996, Debonairs was acquired by the Steers Group and has continued to test out different store formats, such as launching opening their first non-delivery shopping mall restaurant in 2001 and Debonairs Pizza Express in 2008. Today, the business has over 600 stores throughout Africa and the United Arab Emirates. Debonairs many “firsts” include

The “Hot or Not Dot”, an on-pack temperature indicator to assur customers that their pizza is being delivered hot;

The first fast food restaurant in South Africa to offer online and mobile ordering;

The first fast food company in South Africa to offer free delivery;

The first pizza drive-through opened in Springsgate Mall.

Debonairs processes sells upwards of 2.9 million products per month throughout the African continent.

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