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Domino’s Pizza Specials

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The second largest pizza restaurant in the world has been active in South Africa since 2014.

In 1960, brothers Tom and Jim Monaghan bought an established Michigan-based restaurant called DomiNick’s. Eight months after starting the business, Jim sold his 50% stake to buy the VW Beetle that had originally been bought to make the business’ deliveries. Tom stayed on and continued to build the business and by 1965, had added another 2 pizza outlets. It was also around this time that Tom changed the name of the company to Domino’s after the former owner of DomiNick’s refused to give Tom permission to use the brand name for his chain of 3 restaurants. The business’ logo was designed with 3 dots to represent the existing stores, with the idea of adding a dot for every new store that opened, but the rapid growth of the chain meant the idea was shelved.

The first franchise store opened in 1967 and within another 10 years, the company had over 200 outlets. The first Domino’s store outside of the US was opened in Canada in 1983 and stores in the UK and Japan soon followed. In 1998, Tom Monaghan exited the business by selling a 93% stake to Bain Capital Inc for $1-billion. The Domino’s Pizza licence for the South African market is held by Taste Holdings. The brand was introduced to the local market in 2014, with the conversion of existing Scooters Pizza and St. Elmo’s stores into Domino’s Pizza. It’s restaurants are exclusively takeaway, and the menu has been tailored to reflect South African tastes, incorporating a stronger BBQ flavour, as well as a honey-mustard and tikka chicken pizzas.

Domino’s Pizza has over 10,000 outlets worldwide, delivering more than 1-million pizzas per day