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Kauai Specials

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Latest Deals | 27th September 2021




Maintaining a healthy diet has never been this easy, thanks to Kauai, the restaurant franchise that combines the convenience and great taste of ready-made fast food with the benefits of fresh, nutritious and Instagram-worthy meals.

You can’t go wrong with one of Kauai’s renowned mouth-watering and health-boosting smoothies that are a creative blend of bold and fruity tastes and flavours. It doesn’t matter how specific your preferences are, Kauai has something for you. The nutrient dense range includes gluten-free, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, super food and protein smoothies in addition to its regular selection. Kauai’s colourful collection includes Ginger Snap, All the Greens, Citrus Glo, Choc Nut and Peanut Butter Bomb.

If smoothies aren’t quite for you, explore Kauai’s range of raw juices and shots to give your body a much-needed burst of energy and vitality.

Finally, the days of struggling to find a wide selection of vegetarian and healthy meals is over. Kauai’s menu features an extensive selection of meals, including all-day breakfast, salad bowls, snacks, wraps and warm bowls. The beautifully presented Chipotle Steak or veggie-lover’s Plant Power meals not only look good but taste amazing, offering you a diverse mix of nutrients and flavours.

To help you navigate your diet, Kauai makes the nutritional information for all its meals easily accessible.

Because Kauai wants to keep both your body and your environment healthy and is thus committed to ensuring responsible sustainable practices. If you use a reusable coffee cup at Kauai, they’ll gladly give you R1 off every coffee, every time. They also offer reusable Smoothie cups. Their non-reusable cups are eighty percent recycled and the store supplies paper or corn starch plastic. The company also ensures its partners’ farming practices are sustainable and farmer-friendly. Their coffee beans are 100 percent organic and Arabica.

Kauai’s Schoon bread is slowly fermented and gut-friendly. Their produce is delivered whole to stay fresher for longer and their eggs are free range.

Kauai has partnered with Pick n Pay to bring its uplifting products to grocery stores near you. Find frozen food in Pick n Pay stores.

Kauai was established in 1996 in Cape Town by friends, Carl and Brett Harwin and John Berry who had previously lived in Hawaiian and ran a bottled juice company while living in a papaya field. After a surfing holiday in South Africa, their vision became a reality. They realised they couldn’t find any healthy fast food options and thus, Kauai was born.