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The number one fast food chain in the world has more than 200 stores in South Africa.

McDonald’s is an American fast-food chain that was started by brothers, Maurice and Richard McDonald in the late 1930s. The restaurant was originally called McDonald’s BBQ but was changed to simply McDonald’s in 1948. The brothers were instrumental in introducing some of the company’s best innovations, such as the assembly line kitchen for faster service and the iconic “golden arches”. The McDonald’s brothers franchised a few of their stores but were not convinced that the concept had broader appeal than what was already achieved. A milkshake machine salesman from Chicago, named Ray Kroc, bought a McDonald’s franchise in 1955 and convinced the brothers to sell him the rights to open McDonald’s stores everywhere, except for a few areas in California and Arizona. Ray also came up with a new colour scheme for the business. He opened a further 68 McDonald’s stores before buying the company outright from the McDonald’s brothers for $2.7-million in 1961. The fast food company’s growth exploded in the 1970s thanks to its marketing activities. By 1972, it had surpassed $1-billion in turnover and the international market was beckoning

South Africa was the 86th country that McDonald’s entered. The first McDonald’s outlet opened in Blackheath, Johannesburg in November 1995. There are currently over 200 outlets across the country, half of which are owned by franchisees. About 75% of the stores are open 24/7. The company claims to serve approximately 8 million customers per month around the country. In 2007, McDonald’s SA launched its signature breakfast offering, the McMuffin. The new item was a success and led to the expansion of the breakfast menu, with the inclusion of low-carb wraps, boerewors patties and oats. Today, McDonald’s serves 1 million breakfast items per month, equivalent to 12% of its total business. McDonald’s has also been serving 100% Arabica espresso-based products from its McCafe range since 2012, and there are now 94 stores selling its McCafe range. In 2014, a home delivery service was launched.

McDonald’s is credited with bringing the Drive-Thru concept to South Africa