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Ocean Basket Specials

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Latest Deals | 25th September 2021




Get the latest deals and specials from South Africa’s most loved seafood restaurant, Ocean Basket.

Started in 1995, Ocean Basket has established itself as one of the leading restaurant chains operating in South Africa. With over 170 restaurants in South Africa and 30 plus spread globally, the seafood brand is quickly making its mark as a global player. The first Ocean Basket was opened in Pretoria by Greek founder Peter “Fats” Lazarides. The opening store was tiny, included a fresh fish deli, limited menu but quickly garnered the love and respect of its first patrons.

Ocean Basket aims to open more restaurants in international markets, with China, Kazakhstan and Qatar already set for flagship stores. With this expansion comes supply chain management issues, such as sustainable sourcing of fish and ingredients. Ocean Basket thus implemented a philosophy to cement their status as responsible ocean citizens, activities include the procurement of farmed fish, in store changes to limit pollution and reduce waste.

Ocean Basket’s franchising opportunity remains one of the most sought after, with systems refined over decades and experienced partners available to assist new franchise owners.

Ocean Basket serves a unique Mediterranean menu largely influenced by the rich Greek heritage of its owners. Dishes include seafood staples, platters, wide range of sushi, salads and delicious desserts. The large variety does not suffer in the taste department as dishes are carefully developed and refined with some of the finest ingredients available.

The first Ocean Basket was started with just R800 in working capital, the brand now generates well over two billion rand in turnover yearly.