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Latest Deals | 25th September 2021




The Panarottis philosophy is simple – big on family, big on pizza and pasta. Treat the family to dinner at Panarottis and make everyone happy with its diverse pizza and pasta menu with extensive selection of flavours and toppings.

Panarottis provides South Africans Italian-styled cuisine at great value and in good time. It’s menu features vegetarian, vegan, and vegetarian swop options ensuring everyone in the family as a broad range of options to choice from. You can replace mince, steak and chicken with vegan alternatives and Panarottis offers vegan mozzarella. You can also make a duo pizza and enjoy different toppings on one pizza.

Panarottis dishes come with a unique touch of South African flavour to complement the classic Italian taste. You’ll find more than just the typical pizza toppings and flavours at Panarottis and its menu features unique tastes, such as, pulled pork and pineapple, Al Capone – Hot or Not a tikka chicken pizza and the Mexicana.

For those with more discerning taste, Panarottis offers a selection of Gourmet Pizzas including mouth-watering toppings like Cheddarmelt steak, spicy mutton sausage and quite simply named, Carnivore pizza.

Panarottis pasta is made with 100 percent durum wheat and imported directly from Italy. Panarottis has a range of speciality pastas including the spinach ricotta ravioli or the new gnocchi which is new to the menu. The classic pasta range includes the Capricciosa, an oven-roasted chicken and brown mushroom pasta.

Kids have a broad selection of pizza, pasta and combos, so they can enjoy the novelty of Panarottis for dinner too. The Kids Moreish Meals selection includes favourites like macaroni and cheese, quarter chicken, cheese griller poopers and 200g rib – all smaller portions and perfect for Panarottis’ younger customers. Give your kids a good start in life and ensure they eat healthy without compromising on fun experiences and delicious meals with Panarottis ‘Better for You’ menu of gluten and wheat free pizza, milk, chicken strips and mealies. There is also kids portion desserts and milkshakes and as a special treat, children under 12-years can make their own waffle.

Panarottis has over 105 restaurants in Africa and Australia. You can find a Panarottis in most major metropolitan areas.

Panarottis was founded in 1990 and has been welcoming South Africans into their home ever since. Panarottis has continued to grow over the years thanks to its dedication to tradition and its tried and trusted century old recipes used by those that came before them. They use Stagioni pizza flour to create the perfect dough prepared 48 hours before its hand pressed by chefs.