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Latest Deals | 29th November 2021




South Africans can now experience the iconic pizza sensation loved by many people in the United States. Pizza Hut has become a favourite on the South African scene, offering a unique pizza experience and creative approaches to everyone’s favourite meal.

There is no bad time for a pizza and with Pizza Hut’s extensive selection of toppings, bases, snacks and treats, you’ll find a delicious meal to suit every part of your day.

Pizza Hut makes meals to feed the whole tribe with their creative large portion pizzas. Do pizza like a boss and please everyone with the Super Boss Box, a selection of two pizza, sides, dessert for less than R200.

Try something new with Pizza Hut’s pizza folds – a calzone-inspired folded pizza with an array of delectable toppings including the classics Double Cheese, Pepperoni Lovers and Tikka Chicken.

You can also find something for younger diners in Pizza hut’s Kids menu, with kid-friendly portions and all the little ones’ favourite meals, guaranteed you grant best Mom and Dad status.

Enjoy a selection of scrumptious snacks on the go, like the tasty potato tops. Pizza Hut snacks are also the perfect addition to any meal and guaranteed to satisfy those cravings. Browse their latest specials to get a great deal on your meal. You can also add one of Pizza hut’s tasty drinks

Pizza Hut has created an atmosphere in their restaurants that keeps customers coming back for more. With fun innovations in both customer relations and cooking methods, Pizza Hut consistently delivers quality products.

Pizza Hut began in 1958 when Dan and Frank Carney opened a pizza restaurant in Kansas. The brothers made the pizza bases themselves, alongside their friends Richard Beemer and John Bender. Watching the team bake the bread to perfection enthralled their customers who enjoyed being part of the process by being able to view the kitchen. By 1963 Pizza Hut had forty-two restaurants.

Pizza Hut South Africa is owned by Yum! Brands and the first store opened in 2014 in Johannesburg.

Pizza Hut is about community as well as delicious pizza. Hoping to give back to the South African community, Pizza Hut launched the African Literacy Project, an initiative to improve poor literacy rates in South Africa. The Slice of Africa campaign will see Pizza Hut travel over 20 000 kms and across 14 countries to deliver Red Reading Boxes to children. The boxes are a reading kit with books, board games, puzzles and flashcards.