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Latest Deals | 27th September 2021




You may have seen one of Rocomamas’ trendy restaurants adding a uniquely retro and effortless cool flavour to metropolitan city landscapes, but inside their kitchens is where the real magic happens.

Rocomamas is loved by South Africans for its unique and dynamic menu and the rock ‘n roll atmosphere they’ve created in their restaurants. Rocomamas is unlike any other burger joint in town and regardless of your tastes, you’ll find something for you from their menu.

If you’re looking for a simple tradition hamburger, Rocomamas may not be for you. Their legendary American-styled Smashburger is made by smashing beef on a hot grill, allowing it to marinade in its juices and resulting in a mouth-watering experience.

Rocomamas offers diners an authentic experience with their open-style kitchens allowing you to watch your handmade meal being prepared. The vibe is laid-back, and you’ll also find a selection of craft beers, the perfect complement to the perfect burger.

Their menu is not limited to burgers and you’ll also find a wide selection of bar-style favourites and tasty deserts. Their tasty take on nachos, chicken wings and ribs are also something to experience. Choose from a range of dressings including the apparently spicy ‘MoFo (F*HOT)’ dip, Lemon Pepper and Blue Cheese ranch. Rocomamas also offers a section of Halaal meals.

With Rocomamas you can experience a truly unique dining experience. Their menu allows you to design your own patty which is great for vegans and vegetarians who can build a gourmet dining experience, complete with RocoMayo.

Wash the perfect burger meal down with a G-Shake, Rocomamas signature decadent shakes with flavours including Belgian Chocolate Espresso, Peanut Butter toffee and Oreo.

Rocomamas insists on using fresh ingredients and preparing their dishes from scratch to ensure better quality meals.

The Rocomamas franchise has restaurants throughout South Africa in most major metropolitan cities as well as locations in Namibia, Mauritius, the Middle East, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Cyprus, India and Australia.

Having been founded in 2013 in Randburg, Rocomamas is a young enterprise and quickly became a hit amongst South Africans. The franchise co-founder Brian Altriche built the Rocomamas franchise from the ground up.

Rocomamas is part of the Spur Corp foundation, evident in their attention to authenticity and customer service. Altriche attributes Rocomamas quick success to word of mouth marketing through social media and the evidence of this is clear – Rocomamas burgers are a regularly feature on Instagram.