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A chain of themed casual dining restaurants known for its tasty steaks.

Spur Steak Ranches started in 1967 when Allen Ambor bought a restaurant in Newlands, Cape Town for R4,000. Allen’s idea was to create a family-friendly restaurant, where tasty and nutritious food could be offered at an affordable price. Within a few months, Allen had opened a second restaurant, Seven Spur, in Sea Point. As the restaurants became increasingly popular, Allen decided to fuel the growth via franchising. In the mid-1980s, the first Spur restaurants were opening in the Gauteng region, followed by expansion to KZN in the 1990s
Unlike many other restaurants who tend to focus on the large cities, Spur followed a strategy of opening stores in urbanised areas as well as in smaller towns. With the growth of the middle-class since 1994, Spur found a broader market. The restaurant chain can now be found in townships across the country, such as Soweto, Umlazi and Mthatha.

Over time, Spur has invested in production facilities to centralise supply for its franchises with the sauces and other Spur-branded items they need. The company even goes as far as to manufacture some of its own decor elements. Spur’s theme was originally Cowboys and Indians but has migrated to general Native American imagery. The restaurant serves a menu that comprises steaks, beef burgers, ribs, as well as a variety of side dishes. The success of the restaurants in South Africa prompted Spur’s leadership to consider importing the concept to other markets on the African continent. Its international strategy started with expansion within the SADC region. Spur restaurants can now also be found in Mauritius, Australia, and New Zealand. There are currently 303 Spur Steak Ranches operating today.

When Spur listed on the JSE in 1986, it was valued at R5-million. Today, it’s worth R2.7-billion.