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A chain of coffee bars serving a range of quality espresso-based drinks and pastries

Vida e Caffe is a South African brand, with a Portuguese name meaning “life and coffee”. Vida e Caffe’s are styled on the street cafes that are found all across Europe. The stores are usually small with no more than a few tables and chairs, where customers can comfortably enjoy their coffee while taking in the scene outside. One of the better-known aspects related to buying coffee at Vida is the friendly staff of baristas who greet customers with a chant. The company was started in Cape Town by Grant Dutton, who opened his first store on Kloof Street. By the time Grant was opening his third store in Cavendish, he was in a 40% joint venture with Brad Armitage and Rui Estevez. Despite the coffee landscape being quite saturated in South Africa, Grant realised the potential of his brand when the stores kept bringing in the numbers. He built a management team to help grow the brand and an expansion strategy was set. Stores opened throughout the Western Cape and were followed by new stores in Johannesburg and Durban. International expansion started in Angola and quickly expanded to the rest of the continent and also to the UK.

Vida currently has over 300 stores in operation today. The brand has been in a partnership with Shell since 2013 to establish outlets in the fuel company’s forecourts. Shell developed a brand within their convenience stores called Torrador specifically to work with the coffee brand. As of 2016, there were already 100 Vida e Caffe and Torrador by Vida e Caffe coffee bars in Shell’s service stations in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape, as well as at Ultra City stops on major routes. Vida e Caffe also launched a rewards programme in partnership with Discovery Vitality in 2015.

Vida’s menu items are listed in both English and Portuguese.