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Latest Deals | 29th November 2021




CNA is known for their range of stationery, gifts, unique novelty items and special treats that have been part of families’ lifestyles for decades. Specialising in games, books and gifts for every occasion CNA offers shops a whimsical shopping experience.

You never know what treasure you’ll stumble upon in CNA stores. Their selection of unique knick-knacks and novelty stationary features unique brands, trendy themes and beautiful stationery that will inspire countless creative projects.

From back to school shopping, to notebooks for your home office your varsity classes, CNA has everything you need. Add a touch of luxury to your everyday tasks with their range of faux-leather bound notebooks, classic fountain pens or smartphone accessories that are compatible with the most popular brands like Samsung, iPhones and more. Your home office wouldn’t be complete without a smartphone and CNA has a selection of the leading models.

Rewind after a long day of hard work and creativity with CNA’s selection of games for all popular platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox and PC gamers. You’ll find games suitable for the whole family as well as international bestsellers and if you’re part of an older generation of gamers, you’ll appreciate CNA’s commitment to the classics and their range of board games and card games.

CNA offers something for the whole family, featuring a selection of educational books and activities and interactive games for a range of age groups. You’ll also find novels, non-fiction books and magazines from best-selling authors and popular publishers.

Find the perfect gift, no matter what your loved ones are interested in, including books, electronics, personalised keychains and everything in between. CNA’s specially designed gift cards and packaging for every occasion allows you to add a personalised touch to any gift.

CNA’s products are affordable and offers a diverse range of products to suit students on a strict budget and parents finding their children a special birthday treat.

You can find all CNA has to offer at one of their 200 stores in shopping malls of most major metropolitan cities nationwide, including Roodepoort, Nelspruit, Port Elizabeth and East London.

CNA was established in 1896 and is one of the oldest retailers in the country. As part of the Edcon Group, an industry leading South African retail group, CNA brings customers top quality, excellent service and a wealth of experience. CNA is also committed to elevating its community and supports social and environmental initiatives.