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Garmin are known the world over for their cutting-edge innovations in navigation, wearable tech and outdoor recreation equipment. As leaders of the industry, Garmin provides customers with long-lasting and practical gadgets and electronic accessories.

Garmin are best known for their GPS navigation devices and helping you arrive safely at your destination at affordable prices, with intuitive interfaces and with extensive selections of maps to choose from. Because Garmin are experts in their field, they understand that our world is constantly changing, and businesses and street names are changing along with it. Garmin keeps your maps up to date, ensuring that you always get where you’re going in good time and with the most convenient route.

Don’t let handlebars limit your journey with Garmin’s range of navigation devices for motorcycles, including the Zumo series of rugged navigators with glove-friendly touchscreen displays.

With Garmin’s user-friendly app, Garmin Express, you can update your maps, update your software, manage your content and more right from your smartphone. You can also opt for handheld GPS devices and find your way, even when your smartphone battery dies.

Garmin’s selection of marine navigation devices is highly intuitive and use cutting-edge technology. With simple menus and easy navigation, you can have the ocean at your fingertips. Plan your route, set your course and enjoy the ease and convenience of Garmin echoMAP and GPSMAP chart plotters with built-in sonar capabilities. Garmin has all your marine navigation needs including autopilots, transducers, instrument packs and more.

From the sea to the air, Garmin specialises in everything. Leading in the business aviation, government and defence and general aviation sectors, Garmin brings an extensive portfolio of avionics upgrades to the market. Find the solution for every budget and mission. Take your adventures to the next level and increase your situational awareness and enhance your capacity to make sound decisions.

Keep track of your sport and outdoor recreation activities with Garmin’s range of wearable sports watches, including the lavish and stylish Vivoactive series that boasts a sleek and polish aesthetic blended with a high-tech sports app, all-day health monitoring and contact less payments.

Garmin has stores in Johannesburg and you can get your Garmin products at all major retailers focusing on technology and electronics.

Garmin South Africa was founded in 1994 and is a subsidiary of Garmin, an international industry leading company. Garmin is an American multinational technology company established in 1989 by Gary Burell and defense contractor Min Kao.