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Latest Deals | 29th November 2021




Take your creativity to the next level with Nikon’s range of advanced photography equipment. Whether you’re new to the photography game or an old hand, you’ll appreciate Nikon’s dedication to detail and sleek design.

Nikon’s lightweight and intuitive products offer a solution for every photographer, from amateur to professional. Priding themselves on innovations in the industry, Nikon cameras are designed for better performance and top of the range quality.

One of Nikon’s latest offerings, the Z7, is Nikon’s first FX-format mirrorless camera. The camera packs 45.7 megapixels in its small and light body, providing unprecedented optical performance. The camera will help you improve your video editing as you’ll be able to see even more detail with its Full HD or 4k UHD raw output.

Make your visual media projects more versatile with Nikon’s range of quality lenses called Nikkor which allow you to transition between closer and wider shots easily to make the most out of your camera. Nikon has over 80 types of lenses including super-telephoto, PC-E and fisheye. Their lenses offer legendary performance innovative optical technology.

Nikon also offers a range of accessories such as speedlights or flashlights that improve your photo quality in low-light scenarios. Take control of the night-time with the Speedlight which is a range of intelligent, responsive and reliable lights with I-TTL technology for even more accurate exposure.

Nikon also specialises in short optics devices. Get closer to the action with a dynamic collection of binoculars and precision optics. The brand’s range of accessories also include memory cards, adapters, body caps, and more, designed to help you get the most efficient and satisfying experience from your Nikon.

Nikon are leaders in the industry and have also released video editing software to hold your hand throughout your artistic journey. Powerful and dedicated, Nikon software is an important aspect of creative control. Capture NX is easy to use and helps you make quick enhancements to your images to ensure perfection.

With Nikon, you can keep your love for old-school photography alive. The brand has a selection of film cameras to give you a pure photographic experience incomparable to any other.

You can find Nikon products in major retailers of camera equipment and electronic devices, including Game, Macro, HiFi Corp and Incredible Connection

Nikon Corporation is a Japanese multinational with headquarters in Japan and founded in 1917. Its industry-leading products are now sold worldwide and the go-to brand for artists, filmmakers, photographers and journalists around the world. Nikon’s South Africa headquarters are in Centurion, Pretoria.