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Latest Deals | 28th June 2022




Samsung is renowned for pushing boundaries that no one had thought to push, particularly in terms of its constantly progressing design. As the leaders in all electronic products, from smartphones to home appliances and all the gadgets in between, Samsung is a familiar name in households across the world.

Samsung has a particular knack for knowing what consumers want. They have an eye on all the latest trends and are experts at reading their market. That’s why shoppers can be assured that with Samsung products by their side, they’ll stay on top of the latest trends and innovations in personal and home technologies. Inspired by humans, Samsung envisions providing all communities with quality products that make life more convenient and help them stay in touch with their loved ones.

Explore Samsung’s extensive range of products. Their latest offering in their mobile range is the Galaxy Z Flip, a trendy new smartphone that folds in half, making it super easy to fit in your pockets, ensuring you can stay connected no matter what outfit you’re wearing. The phone also revolutionises video chats and recording video by being a stand in itself.

If you’re not quite ready to abandon the sleek touch screens we’ve come to know and love over the past few years, you’ll appreciate the Galaxy S20 Ultra with 8K video snap taking mobile photography to the next level.

Samsung also offers top-quality home appliances bringing you more comfort and convenience. Make cooking an art with their selection of ovens and microwave ovens. The PKG500 has twin fans to cook food quickly and optimise energy efficiency. Beyond their innovative technologies that improves the taste and quality of your food, Samsung products offer an elegant design and polished finish, making them as attractive on your counters as they are effective.

Samsung’s range of IT products include high performance minitowers and computers. Revolutionising storage, their portable SSD is a great take on external storage with a durable design and password protection.  They also specialise in wearable technology that easily syncs with your Android phone.

Have peace of mind with Samsung Care plus which gives customers 24 months to have two screen repairs on your Galaxy. Because Samsung understands that life happens.

Samsung has a few stores in South Africa but you can get their products in any technology retailer, countrywide.

Samsung is a South Korean multinational conglomerate which was founded in 1938 by Lee Byung-chul.

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