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Latest Deals | 13th August 2022




Imagine there was an Uber-style service to easily book trained cleaners, gardeners and outdoor workers online at great rates while ensuring everyone hired has a comfortable work environment which offers professional development and benefits? Well, now there’s SweepSouth, the sanitation service offering both customers and employees a better experience.

When life gets busy, get some help from your community while offering some support in return. SweepSouth makes the process of hiring reliable people that much more convenient.

SweepSouth is revolutionising the informal work sector by basing its business model on mutual benefit. Customers and service providers will both value being able to tailor a plan to suit their own needs. At a flat rate of under R40 an hour, you can choose how much you want to pay. You can also choose how regularly you’ll require a service. In this way, Sweep South caters for customers looking for a once-off spring cleaning job, a regular home cleaning or perhaps every now and again.

SweepSouth’s service are flexible, and you can work around your schedule. With SweepSouth you can rest easy knowing that insurance is included, and you pay for the actual time spent cleaning.

No matter what you need done around the house, SweepSouth is there to support you. As well as domestic services, SweepStars (what they call their employees) offer an extensive range of services including caregiving, heavy lifting, building maintenance and outdoor cleaning. Their handyman service includes painting, plumbing and electric work. Ensure your loved ones are in safe hands with the caregiving service that connects you to trained and thoroughly vetted caregivers.

SweepSouth prides themselves on creating dignified work opportunities and helping to build happy homes. Their experienced cleaners called, SweepStars, are offered flexible hours at decent pay as well as training and digital and financial literacy.

You can also shop with SweepSouth and get all your essential household cleaning products from a convenient online store that offers great discounts.

SweepSouth services are currently offered in the majority of Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban suburbs.

SweepSouth is a relatively young company having been founded in 2013, motivated by the dismal state of domestic services in the country. Seeing an satisfy a demand, SweepSouth took the market by storm. Today, SweepSouth has over 9 million hours of cleaning under its belt.

74 percent of SweepStars are breadwinners in their homes and 71 percent were unemployed before joining the SweepSouth team.

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