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Latest Deals | 27th September 2021




Trusted by professional motorists and owners of family SUVs alike, Tiger Wheel & Tyre is a household name in South Africa, renowned for providing expert service and top of the range products, including all your favourite local and international brands.

Tiger Wheel & Tyre’s portfolio of services includes all the basics – wheel fittings (alignment, balancing and rotation), puncture assessments and repairs. You can also get nitrogen fill-ups, making Tiger Wheels & Tyres your go-to destination for all your wheel and tyre needs.

Get free battery testing with Tiger Wheel & Tyre who are dedicated to keeping motorists safe. You can also protect your interests with vehicle tracking installation and affordable credit on products and services. Tiger Wheel & Tyres’ McGard wheel locks are ideal for extra security. McGard locks are one of a kind and impossible to remove without a key, ensuring your wheels stay on your car where they belong. The McGard is easy to use its chrome-plated steel is virtually indestructible.

Tiger Wheel & Tyre also offers customers tyre and wheel insurance. The X-Sure Road Hazard guarantee ensures you’re supported when irreparable tyre damage happens; The plan has no cover limits and no tread usage penalty.

Enjoy great discounts, promotions and online exclusives with Tiger Wheel & Tyre who are dedicated to providing expert customers service.

Tiger Wheel & Tyre are a proud TiAuto Fleet Solutions partner and their shared goal is to keep your business moving by offering custom-built packages to maximise your company’s performance and stay within budget. You can rely on TiAuto for regular maintenance, tyres, wheels, batteries and wipers and related products, GPS log books, tyre pressure monitoring systems and jumper starts.

Tiger Wheels & Tyres has stores across South Africa. their stores are highly visible and offer even greater conveniences including on-site parking and close proximity to shopping centres.

From humble beginnings in a backyard in Johannesburg in 1967, Tiger Wheel & Tyre has built a world-renowned company that is now a familiar name in South African households. Tiger Wheel & Tyre was founded by Jimmy Joannou when he returned from Canada having learnt the valuable skill of making handmade and customised wheels from scrap rims. From his father’s backyard, Jimmy founded Tiger Wheels. He soon added an accessory shop, bring motorists even more quality products and services.

The company was later bought by Eddie Keizan, a world-famous South African racing driver.