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Latest Deals | 25th September 2021




As one of the industry-dominating creators of gaming consoles, Xbox needs no introduction. The Microsoft owned gaming giant offers gamers a console that is classic, intuitive and multi-functional and a diverse selection of games.

Experience the next generation of gaming with the Xbox Series X, the fastest, most powerful device on the market. Its Velocity Architecture offers gamers higher performance and with 12 tera-flops of power, 120 fpd and 1TB custom SSD, you couldn’t ask for a better gaming experience. With a whisper-quiet fan, vapour chamber and heat-sink chassis, the Xbox offers users smoother gameplay.

Xbox has been defining gaming trends since its introduction to the market. With an extensive selection of games to choose from, you’ll never find yourself limited by the Xbox’s functionality. The cornerstone device, the Xbox One, offers an improved gaming experience. Truly immerse yourself in alternate worlds with Xbox’s next level audio and visual technology. The Xbox One offers forty percent more power than any other console which means games are simply better with Xbox. The device also offers spatial audio, HDR and 4K DVR for luminous colours and improved contrast ratio.

Helping gamers experience the best that their new console has to offer, Xbox released a selection of titles that are optimised for the Xbox One’s improved quality. Look for the new tech logos on games and experience amazing detail, improved performance and steadier frame rates. These enhanced titles include Gears 5, Apex Legends, Cyberpunk 2077 and more.

Xbox creates games for both its console and PC gamers, offering PC gamers more power and more choice. Join the resistance with one of Xbox’s latest games, Watch Dogs: Legion. You’ll find yourself in the middle of a mass surveillance state where private militaries control the streets – the fate of a dystopian alternate version of London lies in your hands.

Customise your Xbox to express your unique identity with their extensive selection of creative accessories, including the Phantom Magenta wireless controller, headsets and charging solutions.

Xbox is a US brand introduced in 2001, soon reaching worldwide markets and experience enormous success. The first Xbox device was the first American device to be released since the Atari Jaguar.

Xbox is determined to innovate the video gaming market, creating an unparalleled cloud-based gaming experience. The future of Xbox is in the clouds and focuses on providing its customers with a diverse range of games, subscriptions and service over hardware.