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Latest Deals | 29th November 2021




Greyhound has been safely bringing South Africans to their destinations for decades and is one of the leading inter-provincial bus services in the country. Greyhound offers a something for everyone, from its reasonably priced and simple coaches to luxury liners, Greyhound will get you where you need to be.

Dedication to providing their passengers with the travel experience they dream of has kept Greyhound on the top of their game for years. Greyhound understands what you need and has designed a plan to suit you, taking convenience, security, service and comfort to the next level.

Diversity is a large part of Greyhound’s success and the company has a range of different buses in its fleet to help you find the experience you’re looking for. Travel in style with the Dreamliner, which is the best of premium bus travel. The Dreamliner features two decks – a downstairs Premium Class section and the upper Luxury seats. With reclining seats, extra leg room, WIFI and charging points, air vents, a bathroom facility and lots more, you’ll experience the best in bus travel.

You could opt to travel in comfort with the single decker bus which offers passengers reclining Comfortline seats, audio/visual entertainment to help pass the time as well as a bathroom facility. Regardless of which option you choose, you’re guaranteed comfort and complete satisfaction from the experience.

Greyhound is serious about their passengers’ safety and takes extra measures to ensure a safe journey. Buses are thoroughly inspected after every trip and undergo routine checks and tests. Passengers can rest assured knowing that their driver is highly-trained PDP professional who regularly brushes up on their skills to remain alert and ready. Greyhound installs driver cams in their buses to inspire the best driving habits among their friendly and considerate drivers. The cameras record an incident in the unlikely event that there is one. Greyhound has also partnered with Helivac to provide their passengers with peace of mind knowing that 24 hour emergency assistance is ready to help when needed.

Travel in luxury from Johannesburg to Cape Town and every major city in between or from Durban to Pretoria – Greyhound has you covered. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous and are heading to Harare, Maputo or the Transkei Hills, Greyhound can get you there in style.

Greyhound has been bringing South Africans a luxury travel experience since 1984, connecting people, places and cultures. greyhound transports over 804 293 passengers a year and their fleet embraces over 25 million kilometres of Southern African tar.