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Latest Deals | 29th November 2021




Experience the best from South African airlines with Mango, a low-cost airline designed to get you to your destination in comfort, convenience and safety. Mango’s route covers all major South African cities and offers passengers a range of benefits.

Mango’s uniform fleet allows for a large number of passengers which contributes to its low cost. You can buy Mango tickets online making travel arrangements that much less of a hassle. With Mango’s in-flight buy on board program, you can fill up of scrumptious snacks and sandwiches in their comfortable and spacious seating.

Self-service saves your time and reduces your stress, making Mango’s interactive and high-tech self-service check-in the perfect option to avoid long queues, check-in online via mobile or airport kiosk. Check-in yourself and save some time to take it easy and enjoy the moment because Mango understands that more convenience is better.

Make your entire travel experience pleasurable, from the planning to the stay at luxury accommodation with Mango, whose services includes travel packages combining the best of air travel, accommodation and car rental. Enjoy weekly recommended special offers and discover fancy and far out locations.

Mango offers passengers a range of entertainment options from in-flight WIFI provided by the local service provider, G-Connect. Enjoy their in-flight magazine Mango Juice which gives you travel tip and insights, keeping you up to date in the latest of South African tourism and Arts and Culture.

Mango is part of SAA’s frequent flyer program, Voyager, and you can earn Mango miles by flying with the airline. Bring your furry friend with you to your destination with Mango’s IATA regulated pet carrier. You may also fly with service animals in the cabin, ensuring that Mango caters for everyone.

If your company requires frequent flying, take advantage of Mango’s TMS (Travel Management System) which is a platform that allows you to make and manage flight bookings and receive a range of benefits. Travellers can change dates without penalty, access lounge facilities, have an extra 1kg baggage check in and receive vouchers for on-board refreshments.

Mango’s destinations span the country and include Bloemfontein, George, East London, Port Elizabeth, Zanzibar, Tanzania and other major South African capitals, Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg.

Mango began their operations in 2006 with their first flight taking place on 15 November. The company is a subsidiary of South African Airways, the national carrier but is operated independently.

Mango’s fleet uniformly comprises 14 Boeing 737-800s