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Latest Deals | 29th November 2021




Nu Metro is the second-biggest cinema chain in South Africa.

Nu Metro roots date back to 1932, when the Metro Theatre opened on Johannesburg’s Bree Street. The theatre was owned by Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM), the famous American film company. It was an opulent cinema and the largest one in the country at the time. It featured one screen and 2,800 seats. The cinema was operational for 40 years, but the growing popularity of multi-screen cinemas resulted in it being shut down and demolished in 1972. Metro Theatre then opened a cinema in Bedfordview. By 1988, the company name had been changed to Nu Metro Theatres and then to Nu Metro Cinemas 20 years later.

The company has had a number of ownership changes throughout its history and was most recently acquired for R75-million by Subcocept (Pty) Ltd, a company owned by KZN-based private equity firm, One Fifty Capital, in 2013. The new owners upgraded and modernised all the existing cinemas with the latest digital technology. A select few were upgraded to deliver a premium experience with reclining leather seats, a bar and lounge areas. Nu-Metro has 149 screens in 19 complexes, mainly in Gauteng. It has an estimated 33% share of the local cinema market. In 2008, Nu Metro revamped its brand identity and launched its new bright orange and red logo.

Nu Metro launched an immersive cinema concept, branded Scene Xtreme, in 2014. The cinemas feature 4K digital projection.