As we move out of the pandemic and into Autumn, there’s a lot to look forward to.


With Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all on the horizon, we’re ditching the lounge-wear and getting ready to once again embrace our glad rags, our hairdos and, of course, our make-up.  One constant in life is change and, while we’ve all been behind closed doors, the world of make-up has done anything but stand still and, in this article, we’re going to be talking about the trend for DNA-based make-up and cosmetics:


Chain reaction


If you haven’t come across this before, it may well sound a little bit like science fiction but, while this is based in fact, the science part would be correct.  Some clever laboratory folk recently concluded that our genetics are responsible for 50% to 60% of the aging process, with only a small percentage down to lifestyle factors such as exercise, diet, smoking and alcohol.  We’re not, of course, suggesting that you cancel your gym membership and head for the nearest burger joint but, this theory suggests that how we age really is out of our hands.


chanel woman makeup


Cosmetics companies like Allel are using these findings to create bespoke cosmetics based on customer DNA. After taking a cheek swab DNA test, results are sent to a lab where 16 DNA markers are examined and grouped into categories for skin ageing such as collagen breakdown, pigmentation and irritation.  This then allows the company to create intelligent cosmetics based on the DNA skin ‘score’. Dr Elisabeth Hagert of Allel says, “The slogan of Allel is “know the skin you’re in” and, by taking the DNA test, you’ll find out what your strengths and weaknesses are with regard to skin ageing”.

Much more than just the latest fad, salons across South Africa have been getting onboard with this increasingly popular cosmetic game changer – so much so that a lot of salon owners are scrabbling to keep up with the increased demand for appointments.


All time high


salonIn order to stay on top of customer demand, a lot of salon owners are turning to Booksy’s AI powered scheduling app which allows customers to book, manage and cancel appointments themselves, at any time of day or night.  More than just an appointment booking tool, Booksy is a whole bag of tricks which allows salon managers and owners to properly manage their time and space while adhering to guidelines regarding COVID-19.  Some of Booksy’s fabulous features include:

  • Sure ping – The Booksy app is able to send reminders and notifications to customers so that they don’t get their appointments in a muddle.
  • Paying a visit – Salon owners can request payments for services online through the app and, not only, that they can also take pre-payments – which can significantly help in cutting down on the number of no-shows which chip away at a salon’s profits.
  • A shout out – Booksy for salons includes some great marketing features, including email outreach, to help salon owners get their message across to their existing customers and to reach out to new ones.
  • Selling up – Lots of salons choose to make some vital extra cash by selling salon products to customers and, now, they can do this directly through the app – which means no more shelves full of products in-store.
  • House-keeping – Booksy can help salon owners to keep on top of their admin game with its handy features which include book-keeping.
  • Great customer service – Data from 1800liveperson is proof to Booksy’s excellent customer service as it’s the least searched page on the website.




In a fast moving industry, salon owners need to stay one step ahead of the game in order to meet customer demand.  While for many it may seem like there aren’t enough hours in the day to complete every task, Booksy lends a helping hand with its intelligent and responsive booking system.

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