Restaurant Deals, Specials & Competitions


Discover deals, specials, sales, competitions and catalogues from top South African restaurants and take-away establishments.

This section covers deals and specials from well known restaurants and take-aways. From seasonal deals to weekly offers anyone can find something delicious to eat at bargain prices.

A few restaurants from the main categories are listed below:

Steak houses and burger joints such as Spur Steak Ranches, Hudsons, RocoMamas, Steers and more.

Fine dining establishments such as Spier Wine Farm, Two Oceans Wine Restaurant and more.

Pizza places such as St Elmo’s Pizza, Scooters Pizza, Pizza Hut, Panarottis, Domino’s Pizza, Debonairs Pizza and more.

Take-away establishments such as McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, Wimpy, Nandos and more.

Seafood and oriental establishments such as Ocean Basket, Cape Town Fish Market, John Dory’s, Simply Asia, Wang Thai and more.

Restaurant Specials









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