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Randburg is a large metropolitan area in the northwestern section of Johannesburg, and is made up of 32 different suburbs that were amalgamated in the 1950s as the larger area that came to be known by that name.  The name itself is derived from the name of the South African currency, the Rand.

This currency replaced the pound sterling (previously the currency used in the country before it became a republic in 1959) shortly before the area was given its current name.  Formerly its own municipality, the Randburg area now forms part of the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality.

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The history of the Randburg area goes back to the earliest settlers and farmers who began to inhabit the area in the 19th century. Some of the first farms included Klipfontein, Driefontein, Olievenhoutspoort, and Boskop, and a few of the suburbs located in Randburg still bear their names to this day. Over the years, Dutch, French, English, and other nationalities came to call the area home. The influx of new inhabitants increased dramatically as gold began to be mined in the greater Johannesburg area. It was during this period that Randburg saw a great deal of early development, including a tram system linking it to downtown Johannesburg.

During the 20th century, many residents of the fast-growing Johannesburg began to move outwards to nearby Randburg to escape the bustle of city life. In the 1950s, when it was decided that the town would officially be declared its own municipality, a competition was held to determine its name. Over seven hundred options were submitted, with the six people who had suggested Randburg sharing the prize of a hundred pounds.

In modern times, Randburg has become an industrial and commercial hub as well as becoming part of the greater Johannesburg area. Many of its suburbs are also affluent residential zones, and the area continues to be developed well into the 21st century.




Randburg is located in the Gauteng province, about 20km northwest from the Johannesburg city center (although the two towns have for all intents and purposes become one). It neighbours other major metropolitan areas such as Sandton and Roodepoort. Key suburbs located within Randburg include Bordeaux, Cresta, Ferndale, Jukskei Park, and Olivedale.




Randburg is home to a number of notable landmarks and tourist attractions. The Northcliff Ridge offers a scenic panorama of the surrounding area, while the Johannesburg Botanical Garden showcases the local flora. The Johannesburg Zoo is also located in Randburg, and is the largest zoo in this part of the country. Nearby Zoo Lake is also a favourite spot for locals and visitors alike. The South African Military Museum can also be found in Randburg, and offers a glimpse into the history of South Africa’s armed forces.


Interesting Statistics


  • The population of Randburg numbers 337,053, at a density of around 2000 people per square kilometer.
  • The majority of the population is white, with English being the most widely spoken first language.
  • Randburg covers an area of 167.98 square kilometers.

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