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Latest Deals | 28th June 2022




Call It Spring proves that being ethical can still be trendy as they lead the way in the making the retail industry more environmentally and socially-conscious.

The company is the go-to for accessories, shoes and handbags that are made from sustainable materials while still being on trend. Call It Spring’s products are 100 percent free of animal products even in their adhesives, wool and shells, making it possible for shoppers to maintain their aesthetic while minimising their impact on their environment.

Call It Spring’s style is relaxed, collected and playful and incorporates natural tones and a sophisticated finish, giving you that spring feeling all year round. Their vegan range is a unique blend of modernity with natural elements and bright colours through which customers can express their individuality freely.

Shop consciously with Call It Spring who ensures that their packaging is sustainable and its reusable tote bags are made of eighty percent recycled water bottles. Call It Spring has reduced the number of bags used in its store by over seventy percent using reusable totes which has in turn reduced its carbon footprint by almost forty percent.

Call It Spring is dedicated to both environmental and social justice and in addition to its ethical fashion range, the company has committed itself to supporting education and clean water initiatives in Africa. Call It Spring also ensures responsible labour practices in the global  warehouses that produce their products, challenging modern slavery in the retail industry.

Over the past three years, the company has built ten classrooms in Kenya with ME to WE. The company also donates the proceeds of the tote bags to the ME to WE organisation.

Call It Spring has ten stores in South Africa, located in Gauteng and Cape Town.

The company was founded in 1991 and now has over 200 stores in over sixty-five countries worldwide. Call It Spring is part of the ALDO Group which was started by Aldo Bensadou in 1972 in Montreal. While some Aldo Group stores do sell leather products, they mostly ensure their materials are produced sustainably.

Part of what makes Call It Spring able to provide shoppers with a eco-friendly alternative to fashion without risking a polished and trendy aesthetic, is that it began as a traditional retailer before its full-vegan transition in 2019. This change was seemingly effortless as the brand did not rely on animal products before and it was thus not essential to the aesthetic.

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