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Latest Deals | 28th June 2022




Few companies understand the unpredictable and changing style of young women as well as Claire’s – one of South Africa’s leading suppliers of costume jewellery and accessories. Claire’s is every girl’s best friend and has something sparkly for every outfit.

The South African brand provides customers with gorgeous and fashionable jewellery and accessories at affordable prices, ensuring that their younger customers can keep up with their blossoming style and that their closets stay up to date. Claire’s also supplies collectables and toys, smartphone accessories and reusable products, such as straws.

In addition to costume jewellery, Claire’s also sells accessories such as backpacks and bags, hair ties, notebooks and hats. Attitude and sass are part and parcel of the Claire’s brand and if you know someone who just loves unicorns, glitter and positive vibes, then you should visit the nearest store.

Parents will love Claire’s as it offers a range of choices the little ones will love at affordable prices, making finding pieces your kids will love fun and easy. Claire’s style is cute, supportive and uplifting, encouraging young women to become their best selves. There’s something on offer for all age groups.

Claire’s is part of the family and will be with you for all your major moments including your baby’s first princess birthday party and their first ear-piercing. Claire’s associates are certified specialists and use sterilise and FDA approved methods. Piercings are done on children older than six months old and are with ultra-fine points that promote fast healing.

The store also sells piercing kits to help define your look at home.

Claire’s has six stand-alone stores in South Africa in Gauteng and Cape Town. It is also a Clicks Group brand and is stocked in over 140 Clicks stores country-wide as well as in Clicks stores in Botswana, Namibia and Swaziland.

Claire’s joined Clicks under an exclusive franchise agreement in Southern Africa in 2015.

The brand has also built an online community with its customers and regularly shares updates of its products and inspiring messages for young women, such as ‘kindness is cool’ and ‘radiate positivity’. Their social media campaign #ClairesClubCuties shared photos of their customers and their diverse and unique style in their stores, making young women around the continent feel part of the family.

Claire’s also shares posts with handy tips such as tips for a at home pamper session and DIY friendship bracelets, creating positive media content for young women.

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