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Latest Deals | 28th June 2022




Unique, local and exquisite, Jenna Clifford is one of South Africa’s most successful jewellers, expertly crafting bespoke pieces to celebrate the special moments in your life.

Jenna Clifford prides itself on remaining true to its vision of crafting jewellery that customers can connect with. Their pieces inspire a sense of warmth and have a special flair that invokes a sense of individuality and distinction. Their extensive collection also includes pendants and a bridal collection.

Part of Jenna Clifford’s special touch inherent in their pieces, is how the brand only entrusts local hands to source their diamonds and craft their designs. Their products are not mass-produced and the number of designs is limited so you can rest assured knowing your special accessories is really your own.

Meaning and relevance is essential to the Jenna Clifford philosophy and their bespoke designs includes you in the design process. Through consultations with the designers who will take into consideration your budget, taste and occasion, you can help craft the perfect piece for you.

The Revival servive by Jenna Clifford allows customers to update their pieces, keeping their look contemporary while honouring the sentimentality of their already loved pieces.

Thanks to their dedication to quality and individuality, Jenna Clifford is a widely sought-after brand that has attracted worldwide attention and worn by celebrities and famous personalities.

Guided by the natural powers of precious stones, Jenny’s stunning designs are a moment of inspiration and wonder. This dedication to the purity of diamonds compels Jenny Clifford to ensure that their diamonds are sourced responsibly according to the Kimberly Process.

You can find Jenna Clifford’s elegant jewels in their Morningside Boutique in Sandton and at Lynnwood Bridge Boutique in Pretoria. Their studio and headquarters in Johannesburg employs seventy people and Jenna is one of the two designers.

The company was founded by jewellery designer Jenna Clifford and Dex Kotze in 1992 and two of their daughters are involved in the industry today. Jenna had a small retail business prior to starting the Jenna Clifford company and worked 18-hour days for years before launching a highly successful enterprise and in 2002, the first retailed boutique was opened.

Jenna is a renowned jeweller who is also involved in women’s rights advocacy and promoting women in business. Co-founder Dex also founded Youth 4 African Wildlife, a non-profit that works with youth to promote conservation efforts.  Jenna Clifford has also partnered with

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